How to get Google Maps API key?

This article provides a step by step guide to get a Google Maps API key. It also provide details on how to activate the places API

To get Google Maps API key please follow the step by step guide below.

  • Click on Get Started button on top right corner. You maybe asked to login with your gmail account if not already logged in.

  • Then create a New Project by click on project list menu.

  • Name your project.

  • Then click CREATE button

  • When created go back to the project list and select your newly created project.

  • Then click on Places API. If the API is not appearing on main screen click on APIs in left pane.

  • Then enable it by clicking the ENABLE button.

  • Next let's create API Keys

  • Click on Credentials in left pane.

  • Then click on Credentials in APIs & Services link on the screen.

  • Then click on +CREATE CREDENTIALS

  • Then click on API Key

  • Then an API Key is created for you.

  • Copy the API Key and paste in Simple Address Autocomplete plugin settings page. Or see Where to enter Google Maps API key for help.

Optional Settings

Your API key will be visible to your website visitor (if they look for it). You can secure your API key by restricting it your website only. See the instruction below to restrict your API Key.

  • Click on Restrict Key

  • Under Application restrictions choose HTTP referrers (websites)

  • Under Website restrictions add an item

  • In Referrer add *

  • Adding *. means it will accept request from subdomains including

  • Then click Save button

Using Existing API Key

You can use your existing API key if you already have one.

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