Welcome to Simple Address Autocomplete WordPress plugin documentation page.

Get Started

Follow these steps to get you up and running.

  1. Install and activate Simple Address Autocomplete plugin.

  2. Get a Google Maps API Key and activate the required APIs.

  3. Go to plugin settings under Settings > Simple Autocomplete

  4. Enter your API Key that you just got from Google Maps.

  5. Find the field id of the form.

  6. Enter the form ids in Simple Address Autocomplete settings.

  7. Select the country you want to limit the search to.

  8. Enable/disable browser geolocation option. Please note, enabling browser geolocation only works if country option is set to Worldwide. Read more here..

  9. Save settings.

  10. Voila, that field now has address autocomplete functionality. If you are having issues please see the FAQ below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are most frequently asked questions.

Can I limit the search to one country?

Yes. This plugin allows you to limit the search to one country or worldwide. It also support multiple countries.

Does it work with any form?

Yes. The plugin works when any form including custom forms.

Is it single line address or multi-line address autocomplete?

It is single line address autocomplete.

Does it support WooCommerce?

It does not out of the box.

Can I add multiple autocomplete address to field on one page?

Yes. You can add as many as fields you like to a single page or form. Just keep adding field ids to the list.

Is Google Maps API key free?

Google gives up to 100,000 maps queries per day which is more than enough for small to medium websites.

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