Browser Geolocation

A functionality to get user location via the browser. There are some limitation to this functionality and requires permisison.

This option is not available in version 1.1.0 and has been replaced with multiple countries option.

This functionality gets user's browser location. This is triggered on page load. The user must allow the browser to share location.

The browser doesn't provide precise location of the user. It provides the current locality or city of the user. The purpose is to suggest relevant and within locality/country addresses when searching. This functionality cannot be used to get customer address or precise location.

This option works when the country option is set to Worldwide. If the user allows it will suggest relevant addresses to user locality and/or country.

This option doesn't work if the country option is set a specific country. Please see the frequently asked questions below

Geolocation on Page Load

When you enable Browser Geolocation option it will ask users to share their location with the plugin as soon as they open your website. This will help the plugin suggest relevant addresses based on the user location. This option does not work if country is set to a specific country.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get user's precise location?

No. This option doesn't give you precise location of the user. It rather gives the locality or city of the user.

Can I use Browser Geolocation with country option?

No. The purpose of the option is to suggest addresses within user's country. If you have set the country option to a specific country then this is not needed.

Can I delay the permission request?

No. At the moment it will trigger as soon as the website is loaded.

Can this can be triggered on specific pages?

No. At the moment it will trigger as soon as page loads.

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