Supported Forms

The list of WordPress forms Simple Address Autocomplete supports. SAA plugin works with any form in WordPress, including custom forms.

SAA works with any form field where you can id attribute. For custom forms, you will need to set an id attribute and add it to settings page. Below are the most popular forms and how to add SAA to them. If your form is not listed here please contact me and I will make an how-to article for it.

Simple Address Autocomplete has been tested with the following forms.

  • WPForms

  • Forminator

  • Ninja Forms

  • Form Maker by 10Web

  • Formidable Form Builder

  • HappyForms

  • Everest Forms

  • Smart Forms

  • Elementor Form

  • Contact Form by Supsystic

  • Kali Forms

  • weForms

  • Custom forms

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