How to enable browser geolocation?

This article provides a step by step guide to enable browser geolocation with Simple Address Autocomplete plugin.

This option is no longer available and been replaced with multiple countries option.

The browser geolocation option enables the plugin to get user location. Please note, this option doesn't get precise location of the user (or their address) but rather the locality or city. This helps the plugin to suggest relevant address and establishments based on user's country.

Please note the user must allow the browser to share location. If the user doesn't allow the plugin will not be able to get user location.

Follow these step by step instruction to enable browser geolocation.

  1. Go to Setting menu

  2. Then click on Simple Autocomplete

  3. Set the Country option to Worldwide

  4. Then select Yes under Enable Browser Geolocation? option.

  5. Then click Save Changes to save all the settings.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get user's precise location?

No. This option doesn't give you precise location of the user. It rather gives the locality or city of the user.

Can I use Browser Geolocation with country option?

No. The purpose of the option is to suggest addresses within user's country. If you have set the country option to a specific country then this is not needed.

Can I delay the permission request?

No. At the moment it will trigger as soon as the website is loaded.

Can this can be triggered on specific pages?

No. At the moment it will trigger as soon as page loads.

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