How to find the field id?

The following method to find field id can be used for any form in WordPress.

To get id of a form field in WordPress please follow the following steps. Please note, you can get id of any field with this method.

  1. Open the form where you would like address autocomplete functionality.

  2. Identify the field.

  3. Right click in the field

  4. Click Inspect (Chrome & Edge) or Inspect Element (Firefox & Safari)

  5. The browser will highlight a line which indicates it belongs that field.

  6. You will see an id attribute in the highlighted line. It will look like id="form_id-123". The id can be combination of letter, numbers, dash and underscores.

  7. Copy the value inside the quotes " ".

  8. Go to Simple Address Autocomplete settings and paste it on new line in Field IDs.

  9. Save Changes to save the settings.

  10. Viola, the input has now address autocomplete functionality.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get field id of any field using the above method?

Yes. By right clicking on the field and select inspect, you will be able to see the id of any form field.

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