How to get coordinates?

This article will show a step by step guide on how to get location coordinates.

Simple Address Autocomplete allows you to return biased or restricted searches based on your provided coordinates.

You can only enter 1 area coordinates.

Biased search is when the first results are returned from a particular area. For instance, if we enter the Coordinates of Queenstown, New Zealand. Any address we type will first search the area of Queenstown if no results are found then it will keep searching for other places in New Zealand.

This can be used with multiple countries as well. For example, you have selected New Zealand, Australia and Fiji in the countries option. However, you would like the search to first search for the address in New Zealand then simply add the coordinates of New Zealand and choose the Biased option.

This will first search addresses in New Zealand and then expand to Australia and Fiji.

Restricted search is when the search is limited to a particular area. For example, if we enter the coordinates of Queenstown New Zealand. If the address is not found within Queenstown it will not show any results.

This option will override the country selection.

In this article, we will see to get coordinates. You can use any of the tens of free tools online to get your desired location's coordinates. In this article, we will get it using Google Maps.

  1. Open Google Maps ->

  2. Enter the desired location name.

  3. Then fit the area to which you want to have biased results or restrict the search to by zooming in and out.

  4. Then copy the coordinates provided in the map. (See the image below)

5. This will give you the coordinates that should look something like this


6. Paste the coordinates in the Simple Address Autocomplete settings page

7. Then select the type of restriction. Either Biased or Restricted.

Biased: The search results will start from this area and then go beyond if not found.

Restricted: Search results will ONLY be from this area if an address is not found no results will be shown.

8. Save the settings.

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